Where are we now?

The United Kingdom is sick.  For many, it’s dying.  What’s certain is that its future is uncertain.

The Brexit vote has rocked the UK’s political establishment. It has cast serious doubts over the future of Northern Ireland.  Support for Scottish independence remains as strong as ever, despite the 2014 referendum result.  A further Scottish referendum within the next few years is possible.  Everything about our constitutional system seems to be up for grabs.

What is this blog about?

This blog seeks to promote discussion and exploration of the idea that the UK could become a federal nation.  I believe that the peoples of the UK should be offered this option at the ballot box.

My blog posts will explore what I think a healthy, respectful, and stable federal UK could look like. The central issue that a new UK needs to resolve is the long-term dominance of the UK by England and the current Westminster Parliament.

My first blog post will set out the broad principles I believe should be respected in any new constitutional settlement for the UK.

Is the UK worth saving?

I don’t believe in a federal UK on any terms, just to stop the disintegration of the UK as it is now.  In fact, I believe that the disintegration of the UK into 4 nations is better than the current UK model.  Despite the colossal work that this disintegration will lead to, the current UK is not worth saving at any cost. But in my view, its revival as a federation of equal nations is worth exploring.

Who am I?

I would like to remain anonymous.  I am teacher who was born, raised, and lives now in England.  I have Scottish and Irish family but I regard myself as English.  However, I do care about good and respectful relations between the nations of the UK, whatever political structures are in place.

I have a legal background but I am not a constitutional lawyer, nor a politician, nor any expert.  I will probably write some naïve and wrong things in this blog.

Where do I stand on Brexit?

I voted Remain in the Brexit referendum.  I am very worried by what is happening in UK politics at present as a result. I believe that our peoples and legislators should be fully involved in whatever form Brexit takes (if any).

Pitch in!

Feel free to support or challenge as much as you want, as long as you are polite and respectful. Thank you for reading.